Beds for Dogs with Special Needs

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Dogs too have special needs. One of them is a comfortable bed. There are several ready-made luxury dog beds on the market but getting one that is cost efficient and suits your needs might be a challenge. You may find yourself visiting several pet shops before you can get a dog bed that is of the right size. This is why homemade dog beds are becoming so popular. However, before you think about learning how to make homemade dog beds there are a few factors that you should put into consideration such as the type of climate, the size of your dog and whether more than one dog will share the bed.

The first step in making a homemade dog bed is to measure the size of your dog from head to tail. You can write down these measurements and add a few inches on all sides to ensure there will be some space left once you are done sewing.

You can then gather all the materials required for sewing including the fabric, cutting tools such as scissors or a razor and sewing tools. You must also get fillers which can be made from old pillows, cotton or foam for stuffing the fabric once you are done sewing. Pillows are the most commonly used because you can combine more than one pillow to make a large bed. If you plan to have a raised bed then you will also need to get a few planks for the stands. The fabric might be old clothes, pillowcases, sheets or even blankets. Some people also use grocery bags on the outside, which do not need sewing at all. Although it is advisable to use material that is washable to keep the bed clean and free from fleas. You will find out what the best heavy duty dog bed is by checking out -

Once you are done, stuff the finished fabric with cotton, foam or old clothes and ensure the bed is well filled and comfortable. Use your hand to make sure the fillers are leveled then tuck in the open side and close it by stitching. Your bed is now ready for use.Using a piece of chalk or marker, plot the measurements on a fabric of your choice. Cut the fabric using these marks as a guideline and then sew the edges using big thread so as to make the bed durable and strong enough to withstand washing. Leave one side of the fabric open for stuffing.

However, if you are making a raised bed, you will have to use the planks to create stands and fit them together with the material.make sure your bed is high enough for your dog to sleep comfortably but not too high as your dog may not be able to climb on and off.

Learning how to make homemade dog beds is easy and does not take long provided you have the guideline and all the necessary material. Most dog owners prefer making cheap homemade dog beds than going for the expensive ones which do not last.